Welcome to the AssociationViewer homepage


Note: a tutorial with more documentation is available at the download section of the sourceforge project (see the download section).

To start AssociationViewer, the easiest and prefered way is to use the Java Web Start link. If you want to start it manually via the command line, you first have to download the application itself, as well as the required libraries (see the download section). Save the application in a safe place, then at the same place create another directory called "lib". Put all the libraries in that directory. When it's done type in a command line:

java -Xmx256M -jar associationviewer.jar

where 256 is the amount of memory in Megabytes reserved for the application. Double-clicking on the associationviewer.jar will start the application with 64 MB of memory, which might be not enough with larger datasets.
  • When using the Java Web Start link, AssociationViewer has to be a signed application, which means that you have to accept the certificate in order to allow it to access your hard disk (for reading and writing).
  • If it is the first time you start the application, it will ask you where to create the directory containing temporary/cached data. Connections to the different data sources used in AssociationViewer are then checked.