Welcome to the AssociationViewer homepage

Tips & tricks

  • Single-clicking on a track will display details about either the SNPs or the genes at this position in the left panel.
  • Double-clicking on a track will zoom in at this position
  • Regular keyboard shortcuts can be used where tables are used to display data. In the following list, replace META with the appropriate key on your OS (i.e.: CTRL for Windows or Linux).
    • META-C copy
    • META-V paste
    • META-X cut
    • META-A select all the elements
  • Both the menu bar and the browser bar can be dragged and dropped outside the AssociationViewer window. Closing these components will put them back at their original location.
  • Tooltips are associated with most of the buttons or graphical components. They appear when one leaves the mouse cursor for a few seconds over a component.
  • To give more space to the tracks, one can click on the little arrow below the chromosomes list (it will collapse), Clicking on the other arrow will bring it back.
  • The main window can be resized.
  • If AssociationViewer is not automatically updated (to check your current version go to Help menu, About entry), you might have to empty the cache of your browser.