Welcome to the AssociationViewer homepage


Some of the main features are (the list may change in the future):
  • Display SNPs and their p-values in a genetic context, similar to usual genome browsers
  • Automatically download supplementary information from Ensembl/Biomart
  • Display Hapmap LD plots
  • Print and export the display to various data formats
  • Import external data file such as BED or Wiggle as supplementary tracks
  • Does not require to have a local copy of any data or data source, except for the primary file of SNPs and their respective p-values
  • Users can scroll and browse through their data in real time
  • Small in size (AssociationViewer itself is less than 800 KB, less than 5 MB with the required libraries)
  • Downloaded data is kept in a cache locally for faster access
  • Due to the cache, memory requirement is reasonable